Media Training

Media Training to navigate the modern world of media

With each advance in technology, it seems, the media landscape changes again; and those who don’t undergo media training to learn how to connect and share their story with the media do so at their own peril. Whether you are in front of a row of cameras at a press conference or a meeting one-on-one with a local blogger, it is critical that your media training help you choose the right words and tone to deliver the message you’ve developed .

We’ve been on both sides of the microphone and can give you the inside story, not only on how the media works, but also on how to successfully engage reporters, editors, news directors, and bloggers.  Based on our intimate knowledge of how the industry operates and our techniques to prepare you for a successful interview, we’ll get your message delivered to the right places.

No matter if your communications staff is a 10-person team or a one-man-band, our media training will ensure you understand what it’s like to be a reporter and how they think; getting you one big step closer to scoring an interview that tells the story you want to tell.

Is your organization ready for its close-up? Contact us today and we’ll have you ready for that first news interview in no time.

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