Message Development

Message development to make your mission memorable

How long does it take you to answer the question, “What does your organization do?” if your initial response takes more than 15 seconds, then we need to talk.

Foundations, non-profits and corporations alike struggle with the challenge of message development that results in concise statements that are both relevant to the public and quotable to the media for the myriad situations that can come up in a news cycle.

The team at At Last Communications believes in the art of conversation. When someone asks what you do, that’s an invitation to start a conversation that will hopefully result in a benefit. We specialize in the ability to take your corporate jargon, acronyms, and organizational lingo and convert it into easily digestible soundbites. Those who use these messages soon discover it separates them from the competition.

The right strategic message can mean the difference between reading your quote in every major newspaper across the country and sending out a press release that only results in the sound of crickets in response.

At Last Communications has developed a unique approach that allows you to take advantage of your firm’s character, to ensure your story is heard. Through a collaborative process, you’ll have messages that describe, in a powerful way, the mission of your organization. Whether it’s an eight second clip for TV or a lengthy interview with print media, we’ll make sure your messages are compelling and connect with audiences.

Need help developing that first message map? Contact us today and let’s make some memorable messages.

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