Our Story

With more than 30 years in the public and nonprofit sector, we founded At Last Communications to provide needed services for America’s nonprofits, associations, foundations, governments and sports teams. Very few firms exist that specialize in providing these institutions with sound, thoughtful, creative and affordable advice.

Our clients’ success is predicated on the important values that we’ve embraced in our journey. We believe in humility, sincerity and the value of listening. While those characteristics lead our approach, creativity, critical thinking and exploration drive it.

With extensive experience in association building, journalism, public relations, media training, video production, event planning and management, At Last Communications has created a national network of solution experts and will produce the perfect team for your needs and your budget.

Gene Rose

Outreach Strategies

While associations are often good at the services or products, most fall short in their ability to clearly define their mission beyond their group of supporters. Many don’t have a set of talking points that is shared among staff and stakeholders and even fewer have a message manual in place to focus outreach opportunities. And fewer take the time to examine their brand.

At Last Communications has developed messages for large national associations and emerging groups looking to expand their outreach. In addition to producing talking points and messages, we’ve developed social media strategies and tactics while still providing services to get media exposure, where the majority of Americans still get their news.

Public Affairs

Connecting with policymakers in state capitals is oftentimes critical for special interest groups. At Last Communications has unique experience on how to reach and engage policymakers. Our understanding of the legislative process and how to launch successful advocacy campaigns will give you an inside edge when it’s time to develop an outreach program designed to affect change.

In addition, we have a clear appreciation and perspective on how communication teams (whether it's one or more) operate and how to make them more efficient and productive. We can create a communications plan to improve your public outreach. Experts in ethics training will provide you, your staff, your board and other stakeholders with needed expertise to ensure your organization’s reputation remains strong.

Association Building

Working for organizations like yours give us great motivation when we get out of bed each morning. These institutions are the strength of this nation, and we’re honored to help them grow.

A free consultation will give you an opportunity to see what we can do for you. Our services include creating strategic plans to serve your short- and long-term needs, producing memorable events or annual meetings, facilitating board and stakeholder discussions, designing fundraising strategies, broadening membership roles, and restructuring organizations.

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