Our Solutions

Our specialties include:

  • message development
  • video production
  • media relations
  • outreach strategies.

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We will bring energy to your organization and make you stronger through our association building programs, or by engaging the public, media or members through our tested outreach strategies, or through the creation of effective public affairs programs on behalf of your policy and advocacy issues.

Association Building

Strategic Plans: Whether your needs are immediate, short-term or long-term, we have a proven process to create a plan that ensures growth, sets achievable goals and objectives, and lifts your organization to new heights.

Event Planning & Production: Helping national organizations step up their production values to create memorable events and annual events is one of our specialties. From site selection to budgeting to design, we offer complete or selective services.

Facilitation: Sometimes you need an outside, impartial voice to help you and your team move forward on challenging issues. People learn and interpret information differently and we take that knowledge and understanding to help you get the team on the same page.

Fundraising Blueprints: The biggest issue facing most nonprofit organizations is funding. With an overwhelming competitive environment, producing a tailored, creative, unique and achievable plan is critical. Getting you on the road to financial stability is our goal.

Membership Recruitment: As your numbers grow, so does your influence. With the creation of a specialized campaign, you’ll get more engaged and enthusiastic members. We’ll strategize on the best way to reach your base and/or expand your reach.

Organizational Management: Solid structures must exist for organizations to thrive. An examination of your organizational systems, combined with industry trends and successes, will result in improved efficiency and productivity for boards and staff.

Outreach Strategies

Messages & Talking Points: Through a collaborative process, you’ll have messages that describe, in a powerful way, the mission of your organization. Whether it’s an eight second clip for TV or a lengthy interview with print media, we’ll make sure your messages are compelling and connect with audiences.

Video Production: No content has a greater impact than video. From short public service announcements to full-length features, we know how to craft stunning visual presentations that effectively deliver your message. Let us take our award-winning skills and create video content that will move your organization forward and engage the audiences that are critical to your success.

Media Relations: While the media landscape changes dramatically, those who don’t learn how to connect with the media do so at their peril. We’ll give you the inside story on how the media works and demonstrate how to successfully engage reporters, editors, news directors, bloggers and social media content providers. Based on our intimate knowledge of how the industry operates, we’ll get your message delivered to the right places.

Social Media Tactics: An organization’s reputation can be enhanced or destroyed by social media. Your ability to manage and engage in this powerful medium will be improved through our strategy package that analyzes your outreach and provides new ways to engage valuable audiences.

Brand Development: Building loyalty among stakeholders and the general public is essential for an organization’s success. After analyzing your constituencies’ satisfaction levels, we’ll develop a plan to strengthen or reposition your reputation.

Spokesperson Training: Whether you’re in front of a row of cameras at a press conference or a blogger’s hand-held recorder, it’s critical to choose the right words and tone to deliver your messages. We’ve been on both sides of the microphone and will prepare you on successful interview techniques.

Public Affairs

Connecting with Elected Officials: Take advantage of our years of working in the halls of state Capitols across America to create successful plans to engage with policymakers and move your issue forward. And, you’ll gain strength by partnering with other public interest groups to spur action for your cause.

Campaigns & Advocacy: In order for the general public and policymakers to understand the importance of your issue, we’ll create a public outreach campaign to move the conversation and discussion to your space. From high profile campaigns to shoestring budget approaches, a plan will be designed specifically for you.

Communication Plans & Audits: No matter the size of your communications staff, they need an annual plan to make sure you are reaching your target audiences. Through strategies and an analysis of staff resources, we’ll keep them focused on the big picture and create media opportunities for you.

Ethics Training: Conflicts of interest, choices that are not black and white, and financial difficulties often put officers and staffs of nonprofit organizations in precarious situations. Training that will set organizational standards and recognize personal values is available to set the right course.

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